The Hollow Perky Petal blend is designed to help you when life throws you head first into an icky patch, like your favourite snuggly oversized sweatshirt… it’s there for you, put the kettle on, dig out those fat pants and climb into a soul healing cuppa.

This tea blend includes St Johns Wort which is reputed to aid in alleviating low mood, with a dash of floral goodness to make the pretty parts smile and Hibiscus Flower to spark the taste buds.

We recommend taking this brew for a minimum of two weeks before screaming “screw you” at the heavens/mother/cat/courier driver ( and yes you do have to get changed, no you can’t wear you fat pants and oversized to work) as St Johns Wort needs a little time to do its magic.

ps - we love you, breathe, sip, breathe, sip.


St Johns Wort, Rose Petal, Passionflower, Lavender, Hibiscus Flower, Cornflower.


Pre-heat a cup or teapot. Use 1-2 tsp per cup or 1-2 rounded tsp per person for a teapot.

Steep time - 5-10 minutes 

Water temp - 100 deg

Notes - Being a herbal blend Perky Petal needs a longer steep time than you would normally use for a traditional tea, this longer steep time allows for the full herbal benefits to be released into the water.

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