The Hollow Blanket blend is designed to aide in detoxifying the body, especially working on the liver and kidneys with ingredients that help to promote detoxification and healing of these vital organs.

Blanket tea has been blended as an all round good guy artfully designed to be calming and soothing with the addition of Peppermint and Fennel to help settle the stomach.

Think of this tea as your big sister, scooping you up in a blanket and resting your body after a hard weekend.


Dandelion, Peppermint, Calendula, Fennel, Nettle, Golden Rod, Liquorice, St Marys Thistle.

Pre-heat a cup or teapot. Use 1-2 tsp per cup or 1-2 rounded tsp per person for a teapot.
Steep time - 5-10 minutes 
Water temp - 100 deg
Notes - Being a herbal blend Blanket - Detox Tea needs a longer steep time than you would normally use for a traditional tea, this longer steep time allows for the full herbal benefits to be released into the water.

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