I am a photographer from New Zealand, a little country in the antipodes/ southern hemisphere, the seed of interest in the arts was planted at an early age with poetry, then alongside my breasts and womanhood developed my passion for music and the language of visual art.

Lunchtimes were never spent talking of boys nor hem heights they were spent in the Art Room gashing knuckles with lino cutters, unwittingly colouring my uniform and reading of the masters, lost in paint and history. 

My formative years of photography began in the darkroom photographing, reproducing and enhancing images by hand, a fine paint brush was my master weapon. Cutting my teeth in the times of 120, 220 and 35mm, I learnt from the “old boys” and they taught me well, these Kauri tress although fallen still walk with, influence and inform my work today.

I fixed other peoples mistakes, I watched others make mistakes, I made mistakes. I printed many, many weddings too many, many. I started to lose my passion for the thing that quickened my heart, it was dying and I was to wise to let it slip under.

For me photography is selfish, it is my passion, brings me elation, connects me with people, feeds me and I gluttonously take from it.

The moment between moments, the expression between expressions. This is where it hides.

I believe there is beauty and fascination everywhere and will drop everything if the light tells me to, generally working with conditions and not creating them, there is a challenge in working in the adverse and bringing those skills that the “old boys” so generously passed on, in this way they walk with me, my guides in passing on magic.